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 Farset is designed for multi-purpose use, capable of towing with a considerably higher bollard pull than previously available and carrying out line running work with greater efficiency than was possible with some of the older plant.Farset is powered by two Volvo Penta D12-550 diesels, each rated at 550 bhp (408kW) at 1900rev/min.A bollard pull of 14.8 tonnes is a great advantage and the ability to control the bridle (gob) winch remotely from within the wheelhouse has reduced the risk to the tug and crew during towing operations .

Construction:  Steel

Length: 15m

Beam:  5m





A Class IX Harbour Vessel built in the mid 1970s and able to perform duties such as Line handling, Towing and pushing of barges and skows and other general purpose duties. Vera Lockhart is an incredibly successful boat, with a 3 tonne bollard pull, designed by Hampshire naval architect Ian Darley and built in Southampton.

Construction:  Steel

Length: 9.5m

Beam: 3.5m


Designed and Built in 2008 by Vanguard Marine Ltd. (An associated company) and launched at Copelands Marina, Donaghadee in June 2008, it's purpose is for Line and Wire handling, support for dive activities and general purpose duties including the towing and pushing of barges and skows.. It has been built to the Small Commercial Vessel and Pilot Boat code of practice (SVC2)

Construction:  Steel

Length:   8.51m

Beam: 3.41m
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